Hoop @ Zero

HOOP by Zero Lighting is the new hanging lamp, perfect to light up clean, minimalistic spaces. HOOP has an ultra-thin metal structure that will give the most elegant look to every room. This lamp consists of a 650mm diameter circumference built of various attached metal rings. In the centre of the rim rests a slightly elliptical glass globe that creates a fascinating light effect. By taking advantage of the unusual structure, all the electrical components are kept hidden inside of the glass, providing a clean feeling.

Its diffused light creates the best atmosphere, that’s why the Hoop lamp is an excellent choice for public spaces like hotels, shops and restaurants that want to transmit tranquillity and peacefulness to their clients.Thanks to its simple lighting system, this product can be easily installed on the ceiling. To adapt to every kind of surface and wall pattern, buyers can choose from various colour options: white, black, blue and orange, other colours are available upon request. HOOP was designed is by Front Design, a design group founded by Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren and Katja Sävström.

Founded in 1978 with the vision of creating unique light fixtures for designers, Zero Lighting knows the secret how to make the best products to illuminate indoor- and outdoor environments. From the start, this company has worked under the values of three main pillars: quality, environment care and innovation, something that still characterises their brand nowadays. The two founders' local roots are still present in each creation since 80% of manufacturing takes place roughly within 200 km of Nybro in Småland and all assembly occurs in our workshop in Nybro, the place where this company came to life.

This brand is the reflection of innovation and experience combined, leading to the creation of high-quality products with a sophisticated touch, but still modern and risky.

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