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A sizable pendant or chandelier is always going to make a good focal point in a room, and there’s something about glimmering brass that softens and complements lighting perfectly.
One of the current trends is less about combining brass with traditional crystal drops and more about unique profiles, strong shapes and pushing the material, and the illumination source, to the limits.

For an unabashed luxury look inspired by nature take Eve by Brand van Egmond. Or what about Spain’s Santa and Cole, whose large Liceo is hand-made of brass mesh giving an enchanting diffused effect. LEDs are changing the way designers think about lighting. Thin strips of illumination can become integrated within a product – it’s no longer about two separate components, the bulb and the structure that holds it, but a single seamless light.

The Ona light by Austrian brand Kaia is an excellent example of this, its strips of LED wrapping around a visually lightweight linear orb; Resident’s Tri pendant picks up with the same idea in a more rectangular form.
Conversely, the naked bulb is also having a renaissance, part of a broader trend for industrial styling. In that aspect, the ring of Lee Broom's Ring Light is a bare bulb itself.

On a more pragmatic note, always go for a volume that complements the scale of the room, and always put a pendant or chandelier on a dimmer, especially if it has multiple bulbs (check the LED lights dimmer-compatibility) – these types of lighting often look their atmospheric best at low lighting levels.

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