Create your floating indoor garden

The modular and floating setup of PENDULARIS enables all possible ranges of design regarding size, plants, colour and lighting elements. The design modules can be hung anywhere inside the room, regardless of the walls and flooring. This gives creative minds great flexibly.

The pending greening system was developed and designed by Erich Stutz and Philipp Stauffer of the ZHAW Institute for Environment and Natural Resources. Pendularis was recognized with the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design in 2017.

Suiting plant collections are selected based on aesthetic appearances as well as system requirements. The plants are singularly inserted through an intelligent plug-system and rearranging or replacing plants is quick and easy, without creating a mess. Cultivating plants in a mineral substrate means Pendularis plants are easy to maintain - even if you don't have green fingers. For larger displays an ingenious automated irrigation system is available. Specially developed LED lights allow the plants to flourish in rooms with less than perfect light conditions.

Pendularis is a brand-new green design object, a revolutionary mix of style, plantation system and greening. Through its visual elegance and its floating character, it highlights an innovative way to present plants and provides a noticeably improved acoustic and room climate.

Pendularis is uniquely suited as a room divider, along walls and railings or over desks and furniture and enhances the atmosphere in homes and workplaces.

Photocredits: Pendularis AG

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