Arcano Modular Track Lighting System @ Nuudo   

The Arcano 48V Modular Track Lighting system is a bespoke collection of modular recessed and surface-mounted track, track lighting and track lighting accessories for Nuudo. A complete family of complementary pieces that provide everything you need for a fully customised experience. Arcano’s non-invasive, minimal design, creates wonderfully personalised and precise compositions to accentuate any space.



Precise perfection

Arcano’s clean, minimal design in black or white, is almost invisible as it flows harmoniously from place to place. Available in recessed and surface-mounted track, its vast range of beautiful, elegant downlights, directional spotlights, pendant luminaries and track lighting accessories, ensure that warm, bright lighting is spread efficiently throughout the space. Arcano’s stunning array of customisable track, lighting and accessories, complete the capacity for this modular system to be arranged in an infinite variety of compositions. Nuudo’s endless design choices ensure that every and any space is accurately lit to exacting requirements.

Every track lighting need met

Arcano’s modular system includes all the track fittings that are essential for the delivery of truly personalised lighting. Three lengths of 1, 2 or 3m recessed and surface mounted track, executed in a flawless, streamlined, balanced design provide the flexibility to mix and match tracks as you choose. Finished in black or white, this sleek, linear composition is the consummate modular track lighting system.

Designed, engineered and finished in their Norwegian warehouse, Arcano is a truly flexible track lighting system that delivers a high-quality, fully customisable lighting experience and a beautiful, harmonious aesthetic.



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