Structural Ceiling Lamps @ Vibia

Arik Levy has created a striking collection of ceiling lights for Vibia. Levy’s clean lines and precise, geometric formations blend seamlessly into any space. A feat of contemporary design, these stunning ceiling lights create flexible compositions that complement any room.

Subtle sophistication
Inspired by ancient architecture and early dwellings, Levy’s subtle, minimalist ceiling lights are a collection of orderly lines and cubic volumes that swathe the ceiling in an intense light. Available in two tones of grey, with an aluminium body, these polycarbonate structures are designed in a range of different sizes, shapes and combinations.

Arguably, their capacity to be positioned in an infinite range of formations and sculptures is their greatest feature. Able to complement the architecture and become one with the space, this is a sophisticated and consummate design. Installed on the surface of the ceiling, Levy’s ceiling lamps are versatile and customisable. Using aluminium ceiling rods to both connect and distinguish the geometric forms, it is easy to bathe any area in LED light, no matter how precise or tricky the location.

Arik Levy says this is completely adaptable lighting that can go anywhere ‘0% design and yet 100% design’. Versatile, contemporary lighting that is at home in both contemporary and period spaces. A precise design, with strong attention to detail and expert craftsmanship – exactly what we expect from Vibia.



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