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In Beyond, Nava + Arosio Studio have smashed every rule. Paolo Nava and Luca Arosio’s astounding collection of indoor - outdoor lamps is outside of any boundaries that we place on design. There are no musts or shoulds here, Beyond simply is. It is in this honesty that Nava + Arosiohave created a completely democratic design. There is no dictation here, you take the lamp and use it where, when and how you choose. Your lamp, your way – yours to create any composition that you choose, both indoors and outdoors. Genius.

Submissive design

This is a design that bends to your needs – literally. Coming right down, or rising up to meet your expectations, Beyond is a generous lamp that can be moved up, down, inside or outside.

At the touch of a sensor, Beyond delivers a range of light intensities. Putting paid to the need for multiple lighting whilst incorporating state of the art technologies, in Beyond we have one lamp, that fits all. With a head and base created in sleek copper-free aluminium and a matching steel pipe that connects the two, Beyond’s singular desire to please you in every way, is reflected in its pared-back, elegant, minimalist design.

Abundant offerings

Managing to retain the user at the heart of the design, Beyond is an ultra-modern, utterly inclusive lamp. If you need a lamp that reaches to the ceiling– you have it. Need a lamp that can squash down short? You have it too.

Fashioned in robust aluminium with a high IP rating, this collection of lamps will withstand the outdoor weather. Paired with a powerful LED light and polycarbonate opal diffuser, BEYOND ‘s all-weather frame is fully prepared for multiple use. A lamp with ‘the complete absence of external limits’, lighting that can move freely through the entire ‘living space without limitations’.

Not only can you take BEYOND from inside to outside, you can also have it in different variants. The Beyond family features floor, table and wall applique versions. In addition to its capacity to be used at any length, the table lamp also features powerful rechargeable batteries that will last for up to 7 hours with the light on full power, or up to 48 hours with the light on 30%. Enabling you to simply pick it up and take it with you. The Beyond collection is available in anthracite grey, ruby red and matt white.

The highlight, the important feature that contains the user’s wand – the sensual, ergonomic handle, that juts out obediently from the lamp’s body, inviting you to do as you please. Hidden inside is the mechanism that enables Beyond to be any height that you choose, whenever you wish.

Finally, a treasured design that you don’t have to leave behind. A lamp that is truly, beyond definition.


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