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Davide Groppi has created an elegant collection of wall and ceiling lights that take inspiration from the everyday wonders that we encounter on a daily basis. In his usual understated style, David Groppi’s Novelties collection creates wonderfully emotive wall and ceiling luminaries that are both striking and functional, bewitching yet, comfortingly familiar. A sublime collection of innovative lighting that will elevate any space.

The ordinary made divine

Novelties eight wall and ceiling lights are all completely unique. United in their refined beauty and fresh perspective on those awesome facets of daily life that we so often glimpse, yet take for granted, each piece together forms a cohesive collection.

One of the Novelties’ most remarkable pieces is the ChainDelier. Hanging seductively in the air, like a giant gold pearl necklace, CHAINDELIER is a dynamic, re-imagining of the classic chandelier. With its curvaceous centre created by its weight, the exquisite pendant light sits gracefully at its centre, directing a beautiful beam downwards. The gleaming, rounded links of the ChainDelier add an ingenious versatility to the piece, as you add more links or lights, according to your needs.

Versatility in every turn

Like all of Groppi’s designs, versatility is an important feature of every piece in the collection, ensuring that function remains a key part of the concept.

In OHM wall lights, again, we see a fusion of function, technology and innovative design, as OHM’s almost invisible unipolar wire positions suspended luminaries wherever you choose. Stretching from wall-to-wall, Groppi’s magnificent design enables the focus to remain on the architectural features of the space.

Endless wall and ceiling lights, too are a triumph. Endless features spectacular adhesive linear strips of LED light that hug the walls and ceilings, as if the walls and ceilings themselves, were electronic circuits. A characteristic that gives you the freedom to place your power supply wherever you want. With the current anywhere in the space, you are at liberty to connect as many lighting devices as you wish, with each separately controlled and regulated via wireless technology.

Other pieces in the collection include RAIL, a linear composition inspired by electric train tracks, MOON T, lighting with an aesthetic shaped by the many nuances of the moon and PAGINA, of which the paper is special, provided with micro suction cups so that it can be fixed to a wall and moved at will, situated in such a way as to create waves and three-dimensional effects.

An imaginary sheet on which to immortalise bright thoughts”.


An inspired re-thinking of those sparkling observations that we so often take for granted in the forms that surround us. An alluring collection of resplendent wall and ceiling lights that awaken the senses, whilst providing innovative, functional lighting solutions that utilise the latest technology.



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